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2017 Summer Schedule Click Here updated 6/3/17
2017-2018 Fall Schedule Click Here updated 6/3/17

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Please add these important dates to your family calendar so you will remember  upcoming events and when the studio will be open/closed. Please keep in mind we do not go by all school or government holidays . Sometimes your child may not have school but the studio will still have classes. Regular  attendance is important in dance classes to progress and get the full dancing experience week after week. Please also note that your tuition payments are based on a number of total weeks of class for the whole 2016-2017 season. They are broken down into equal monthly payments so your tuition will be the same EVERY month  (with the exception of June). Please do NOT subtract  money from your monthly payments if we are not having classes due to holidays. It has already been figured out and adjusted for you. If we cancel class due to weather or a teacher illness  an alternate class option will be made available for you.

In cases of bad weather please call studio voicemail 614-759-1561. If no message updating that classes are cancelled then all classes will be on as scheduled. Also check for updates on Facebook .

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